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2--05 Tarahouse opens for meditation at 2323 Jackson Street, Sioux City, Iowa

2-16-06 Tarahouse receives not-for-profit status from the state of Iowa.

3-26-06 Tarahouse Tibetan crafts at Cultural Fair in Sioux City.

5-14-06 Ibu and Richard attended a beginning Buddhist meditation teaching by Lama David Bole of Jacksonville, FL, at the OM Center in Omaha.

6-3-06 Ibu attended Yantra Yoga workshop taught by Lama Lobsang Palden of Chicago, at the Rime Center of Kansas City.

7-1-06 Tarahouse Tibetan crafts at Saturday in the Park in Sioux City.

9- -06 Ibu attended Dzogchen teachings by Lama Lena, interpreter for Wangdor Rinpoche, at the Rime Center in Kansas City.

10-6-06 Ani Pema Tsultrim from Minneapolis visited Tarahouse and spoke there and at the First Unitarian Church.

10- -06 Susanna, Diane, and Ibu attended Medicine Buddha teaching by Lama Lobsang Palden of Chicago, at the OM Center in Omaha.

10- - 06 Greg and Ibu attended Yantra Yoga workshop taught by Lama Lobsang at the OM Center.

11-5-06 Lama Chimed and Suzanne, his wife and interpreter, gave a teaching about karma at Tarahouse. Both are of Chagdud Gonpa-Brazil. Later, Lama Chimed gave the Red Tara oral transmission to 3 members. This was a rare and wonderful experience for all who attended.

12-17-06 Lama Rigdzin and Lama Yeshe of Chagdud Gonpa- Brazil, visited Tarahouse. Lama Rigdzin gave the Red Tara teaching to 4 members.
What a blessing for us!

12-27-06 Group Red Tara practice began at Tarahouse.

1-6-07 Ibu and Catherine of the Minneapolis Chagdud Gonpa practice group visited Lama Chimed and Suzanne in Forest Lake, MN, to learn how to make tsa tsa stupas. Lama Chimed was so amazingly generous with his time and guidance.

1-27-07 First group retreat at Tarahouse

1-28-07 Pema Tsultrin and Lama Chimed and Suzanne left the United States

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